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04/01/2014 New Version
We've updated the entire look and feel. We've added a new dashboard feature along with charts and graphs.
08/16/2011 Sales Summary Report
New sales report allows agents to find their so called "sweet-spot". Knowing what product types are generating the most commission/sales and also know what kind of clients are purchasing them. The sales report breaks data out:
  • By Original Lead Source—this is the lead type that is associated with the client. So an agent can know where their clients are coming from
  • By Age group
  • By Product/Asset type
  • By Asset Lead Source
05/05/2011 eFileCabinet Update
eFileCabinet has permanently changed the way they provide integration with the EstateManager system. Older versions of eFileCabinet downloaded before April 2011will still work with the EstateManager system, but a new setting must be checked marked within your profile (please see release document 2011-05-05).
05/05/2011 Contact Log Report
Giving agents the ability to print a full contact log report based on a date range
05/05/2011 Client Summary Report
Get a quick snapshot of the client’s important information including contact information, assets, family, income, and advisors-- with the click of a button.
03/02/2011 Financial Review Report
This updates allows users to select client that are due for a review based solely by month. The system uses the “Next Review Date” and only filters clients by month. This allows for more ease if an Agent only review client annually and do not update the last review date.
03/02/2011 Email Quick link
The email link within the header information area of a client/prospect now creates a note within the contact log stating that an email was generated. This allows for further auditing of client contact and interaction. The Agent can then view email histories, using the referenced date/time, to see the actual email that was sent.
11/01/2010 Financial Review Generator
A brand new feature has been added to direct agents to be more efficient and prompt in their tracking and follow-up of client financial reviews. Agents also have the option to receive automatic update reminders when a client’s review date is coming due. A Financial report has also been created to allow agents to produce merge-mail documents.
11/01/2010 Asset Status
The status of the asset has been added to the client information page to help agents facilitate smoother processing and placement of products, as well as more punctual follow-up on products sold to their clients. These new features will help the agent know what sales are pending or if a policy has been received or placed.
07/28/2010 Client Search Update
Additional enhancements have been made to enrich agents’ searching and sorting flexibility such as the ability to search by phone number, quick links on the first and last name to quickly jump to the client/prospect details page, and quick links on the policy number and asset name for easy viewing of the asset details page.
07/28/2010 Birthday Report Filter
The Birthday List Report can now filter birthday lists between clients or prospects to help agents segregate current business from future business, allowing for more efficient follow-up and marketing.
03/19/2010 Client Merge Utility updated
The client merge utility now allows all assets and contact history for spouses in one household to be merged for easy tracking and reference. The new update removes the detailed task of copying spousal information line-by-line between client portfolios. The selection of the two clients to merge has also been updated so that it is no longer required for both clients to be displayed on the same page in order to select them.
03/02/2010 LaserApp Integration
The EstateManager system now has been integrated with LaserApp. It allows users to pass common client data from the EstateManager system to LaserApp enterprise edition so that redundant tasks like filling in client information can be done with ease, making it easy and stress free to keep client data updated in just one location within the EstateManager system.
01/15/2010 Merge Mail Tracking
The reports section has been updated to allow notes to be logged for each export. This new feature will create an individual note within the client’s or prospect’s contact history showing the name of the mailer and that it a mailer was sent. This new feature assists users in tracking their client interactions and staying compliant.
01/15/2010 Outlook Integration
The EstateManager system has functionally simplified the client/prospect scheduling process with an integrated “create appointment” link. This new feature allows users to schedule appointments with prospects or clients using the contact data from within the EstateManager system. The contact data is passed over to a calendar file which can then be saved within an Outlook calendar (and other calendar systems), including Names, Addresses, and contact information. To assist users with compliance, the EstateManager system also creates a note within the contact history log detailing when the appointment was created, the reason for the appointment, and the date of the appointment.
12/07/2009 Beneficial ClientsPlus System Shut Down
No more exporting of client data will be available from Beneficial Life’s ClientsPlus system. Agents need to download their data files before 12/31/2009, or they will be required to hand key their data into their Customer management systems.
09/14/2009 Clients Plus Data Import
The Beneficial Life contact import routine was updated to compensate for changes in the formatting of the file.
09/10/2009 Data Import Wizard
This is a new tool to allow for users to import their client data with simplicity and ease. It is a wizard that guides users through importing clients, activity, and assets into the EstateManager system.
09/10/2009 Altigen Dialer switch
This allows users that do not have the Altigen phone system to turn off the loading of the ActiveX dialer control within the client detail page. This greatly increases the speed of loading the page.
05/14/2009 Prospect/Client search lists updated
We have added several new fields to allow for more ease of searching and filtering. We have added the following fields:
  • Age
  • Grade
  • Phone
  • City
05/14/2009 Age Range report
This report allow the user to download a text file of clients that fall between a given age range. The text file can then be used to perform mail merging for letters or labels.
05/14/2009 Review List report
This report allow the user to download a text file of clients that marked as “Needs a review” on the general information page of a client. The text file can then be used to perform mail merging for letters or labels.
04/24/2009 eFileCabinet Integration
Integration has been made between eFileCabinet electronic document management solution and the EstateManager system to allow client/prospect “Drawers” to be opened or created with one click. This integration will only work with eFileCabinet version or above and it is required to have a default Cabinet within the user profile.
04/04/2009 Maturity Alerts
New Fields
Two new fields were added to the list of the maturity alerts: Carrier and Policy #. These fields give more detailed information regarding the asset that is maturing or coming due to its surrender charge expiration date.

Link Jumping
Also a new jumping feature was added to the “View” link. This jumping feature navigates the user directly to the actual asset within the client/prospects profile so that further navigation is not required.
04/04/2009 Contact Alerts
Note Link Jumping
Also a new jumping feature was added to the “View” link. This jumping feature navigates the user directly to the actual note within the client/prospects profile so that further navigation is not required.

Dismiss Link
This allows the user to easily turn off the “Reminder On” checkbox that is found within the note record detail.
04/04/2009 Asset Page update
Two new fields were added: "Custodial Transfer", "Client". The "Client" dropdown field allows the user to associate the asset to the client or the spouse to allow for greater clarity to who owns the asset. The “Custodial Transfer” field allows the user to select if the asset purchased using cash or another asset.
04/04/2009 New General Note
This new note field is intented to be used to store general informational note about the client, so the user can refer to the note without having to search their contact log (IE: hobbies, favorite sport and team, etc)
04/04/2009 Client Merge Tool
The merge tool has been updated to indicate if a client was imported as a Beneficial Life client. This allows the user to determine which record to keep especially if they are planning to import product information from the Beneficial Life system.
04/04/2009 Security Auto-logout
After 30 minutes of inactivity the system will force the user to re-authenticate. Ensuring regular authentication allows for greater security.
04/04/2009 Business Analysis Report
This report has been updated to give more detailed explanation of the statistics and charting information that is being reported.
02/06/2009 Client Info General Header
This section was updated to provide the current age of the client. It displays the age is a year month format. For example a client with the date of birth 9/16/1930 would be 78y 5m which is 78 years and 5 months old.
01/13/2009 Client Contact History
When a client note has been recorded no updates are allowed to the record except for the “Turn Reminder On” field. The software will be updated so that users are permitted to update the following fields when editing a previously recorded note:
  1. Next Contact Date
  2. Reminder Subject
  3. Turn Reminder On
01/13/2009 Profile/User Info page
The User information page has been updated to store more preferences for users. The new preferences are all related to how far in advance the users wishes to be alerted of upcoming events (Alerts).The following preferences have been added
  1. Maturity Days – this allows the individual users to set how far in advance they wish to be alerted of products maturing.
  2. Surrender Days— this allows the individual users to set how far in advance they wish to be alerted of Surrender dates expiring.
  3. Contact Days -- this allows the individual users to set how far in advance they wish to be alerted of client notes that have a Next Contact Date.
10/21/2008 Altigen Phone Integration
New Dialing function On Demand software has integrated with the Altigen phone system to allow for native dialing from within a web application. If a use has their AltiAgent or AltiView program loaded the new ODSIDial control will dial the displayed phone number and automatically pop-up a note entry box when the “Dial” button is pressed.

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